لیست مقالات اولین همایش الکترونیکی نوآوری در فراوری مواد غذایی

نمایش # عنوان نویسنده
0 Biosensors and Their Application in Food and Contaminants Analysis Sadeghi,Hanieh; Rastgoo,Anahita; Saadatmand,Ehsan
1 Investigation on aroma release of model low fat Iranian white brined cheese containing K-carrgeenan and WPC Aminifar,Mehrnaz; Emam-Djome,Zahra; belgheisi,saba
2 Color quality variation of french fries during frying using image processing Sabbaghi,hassan; Ziaiifar,Aman mohammad
3 A case study on the relationships between selected crumb image and dough rheological features of Barbari flat bread as influenced by dough mixing and proofing time. Razavizadegan Jahromi,Seyedhossein; Pourfarzad,Amir; ,; ,; ,
4 A kinetic study of the release of aroma compounds encapsulated in edible films Faridi esfanjani,afshin
5 Mass modeling of green bell pepper fruit with some physical characteristics Shahbazi,Feizollah; Rahmati,Satar
6 A Study on Morphology and Characterization of Polyethylene Terephthalate-Synthetic Mica Nanocomposites: Food Packaging Applications Farhoodi,Mehdi; Mousavi,Seyed Mohammad; Sotudeh-Gharebagh,Rahmat; Emam-Djomeh,Zahra; Oromiehie,Abdolrasul
7 Encapsulated bioactive food compounds using double emulsions Hosseini,mohsen
8 Characterization and Morphology of TiO2 Nanocomposites Based on Synthetic and Natural Polymers Dadashi,Saeed; Farhoodi,Mehdi ; Mousavi,Seyed Mohammad Ali ; Emam-Djomeh,Zahra
9 Assessment of microencapsulated Bifidobacterium to remove AFM1 from simulated gastric model Karazhyan,reza; rahnama,parya; shamshiri,marziyeh
10 The Effect of solvent extraction techniques on fatty acid composition of pistachio oil Abdoshahi,anna; mortazavi,seyed ali; shaebani,ali akbar
11 Protection Effect of Gold NanoParticles Coated on Fruit Using PVD Method Shirvaliloo,sakine; kangarloo,hale
12 Nano particle encapsulation of blueberry by Inulin and β-cyclodextrin Mazloom,atena; hashemiravan,mahnaz; farhadyar,nazanin
13 Mathematical Modeling of Shrinkage of Quince During Hot Air Drying Akbarian,mina
14 Effect of whey protein based edible coating on the microbial properties of mutton during cold storage Aminifar,mehrnaz; Belgheisi,Saba; azizi,mohammad hossein; hadian,zahra
15 Nanoparticles & Food Packaging . A review of novel way to control pathogens Mohammadhasani,fateme
16 Effect of Steaming on Textural Properties of Date Paste (C.V. Kabkab) Modaresi,fatemeh; pirouzifard,mirkhalil; mostaan,ahmad; alizadeh,mhammad
17 Design of a molecular distillatory and study of temperature, flow rate of feed and methylation on Extraction of DHA and EPA from fish oil Hallajisani,Ahmad; Ghorbanian,Sohrab Ali; Moazezi,Nima
18 Effect of whey powder and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) on the rheological ‎characteristics of dough bread by using response surface methodology Meshkani,seyed mohammad; Pourfallah ,Zahra
19 Effect of atmosphere and vacuum condition on the physicochemical properties of canola oil during frying Yousefi,Morvarid; Nateghi,leila
20 Physico-chemical properties of two type of Shahrodi grape seed oil (Lal and Khalili) Yousefi,morvarid; natghi,leila
21 Evaluation and comparison the physicochemical properties and fatty acid profile of Kermanian sunflower and Golestanian soybean oil Yousefi,morvarid; Nateghi,leila
22 A liquid improver for Flat bread: Interrelationship between texture, dough rheology and image feature Ahmadian Kouchaksaraie,Zahra; Pourfarzad,Amir; Habibi-Najafi,Mohammad Bagher
23 Study the viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus in a soy based frozen yoghurt Mahdian,Elham; Karazhyan,Reza
24 Identification of three Iranian rice seed varieties in mixed bulks using textural features and Learning Vector Quantization neural network Fayyazi,saeideh; Abbaspour-Fard,Mohammad Hossein; rohani,abbas; sadrnia,hassan; Monadjemi,S. Amirhassan
25 Foaming properties of plants gum Moradi,samira
26 Characterization of an unknown exudate gum from Iran: Persian gum Rahimi,Somayeh
27 The quality and purity of the proteins extracted from the Lathyrus sativus seeds and optimization by the response surface methodology (RSM) Shahraki,farzaneh
28 Nanoencapsulation of α-tocopherol by Complex Coacervation and its Stability Sharifi,Faezeh
29 Influence of enzymatic treatment on stabilization of traditional Iranian yoghurt drink, Doogh Shirkhani,Mohammad
30 Application of Microencapsulation on Probiotic cheddar cheese ripening Seyed Yaghoubi,Amin; Mortazavi,Seyed Ali
31 Physicochemical and textural properties of reduced fat mozzarella cheese formulated with fat replacers Nateghi,leila; moradi moghadam,somayeh
32 Examination of the effect of mint extract on sunflower oil stability Mousavi,roghieh sadat ; nateghi,leila
33 Evaluation of amino acid profile of cheddar cheese formulated with xanthan gum and/or sodium caseinate as fat replacers Nateghi,leila; yousefi,morvarid
34 Comparative of fermentation in red and yellow watermelon juice by lactic acid bacteria Alavi lavasani,zahra sadat; Razavi,Seyed Hadi; Pourahmad,Rezvan
35 Comparative study on effect of pectin, gelatin and modified starch replacement with fish gelatin in textural properties and graininess of Non-fat yogurt Ebdali,Saeedeh; Motamedzadegan,Ali ; Hosseini-parvar,Seyyed Hashem ; Shahidi-Yasaghi,Seyyed Ahmad
36 Active film and coating from chitosan as a functional food Sabaghi,moslem; maghsoudlou,Yahya
37 Antimicrobial activity of Berberis crataegina on inhibition of Clostridium perfringens inoculated in beef sausage Khaleghi,alborz; rezaei,karamatollah; khosravi-Darani,kinaosh ; kasaai,mohammadreza
38 Investigation on the emulsifying properties of Persian gum as a novel food emulsifier Rahimi,Somayeh
39 Comparison of microwave-assisted hydrodistillation with the traditional hydrodistillation method in the extraction of essential oils from Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam. Sahraee,samar; rezaie,karamatollah
40 Heat and Mass Transfer Modeling of Part-Baked Sangak Bread Packaged in Modified Atmosphere Khoshakhlagh,Khadije ; hamdami,Nasser; Shahedi,Mohammad
41 The Effect of Baking Time and Baking Temperature on Porosity, Density and Thermal conductivity of the Part-Baked Sangak Bread, during Baking Sadeghi,Farzad; Hamdami,Nasser; Shahedi,Mohammad
42 Theoretical aspects of deep-fat frying Ziaiifar,Aghsoltan; Ziaiifar,Aman Mohammad
43 Application of Peleg Model to Study Water Absorptionin Bean and Chickpea During Soaking Masumi,Amin Allah; Shafaei,Seyed Mojtaba; Roshan,Hanie
44 Effects of adjunct starter cultures on proteolysis of reduced fat mozzarella cheese during storage time Nateghi,leila
45 Investigation of kinetics of mass transfer parameters during deep fat frying of native gum coated potato chips Zamani Ghaleshahi,atefeh; alavi rafiee,somayeh; meshkani,mahdi
46 Modeling of Water Absorption of Chickpea During Soaking Shafaei,Seyed Mojtaba; Masoumi,Amin Allah
47 Assessment of citrus flavor nanocapsules efficiency Amiri,Sedigheh; Abbasi,Soleiman; Ezzatpanah,Hamid
48 Application of Viscoelastic Model in the Chickpea Soaking Shafaei,Seyed Mojtaba; Masoumi,Amin Allah
49 Evaluation the rheological properties of a stabilizer in corresponding solutions and emulsions Amiri,Sedigheh; Radi,Mohsen
50 Effect of blanching – hot air drying combination process on physicochemical properties of dried Persimmon slices (Diospyrus kaki L.) Shahraki,farzaneh
51 The challenge to desication of probiotic living cells Keivani,Fatemeh; Rezaee Mokarram,Reza; Hejazi,Mohammad Amin; Ghanbarzadeh,Babak; Sowti,Mahmood
52 A review on bacteriocins as food biopreservatives Hasebi,Zohreh; Rezaee mokarram,Reza; Hejazi,Mohamad amin; Sowti,Mahmood
53 Effects of Alovera and Sesame Oil Coating on physicochemical properties and shelf life of Bell Pepper Mohebbi,Mohebbat; Hasanpoor,Nasim ; Ansarifar,Elham ; Amiryousefi,Mohammad Reza
54 The effect of applying guar gum, wheat fiber, and citric acid on the shelf-life, specific volume and sensory evaluation of Iranian croissant Salmanizadeh,sanaz; moazzezi,shima ; Nateghi,Leila
55 The effect of chlorophyll pigments on the oxidative stability of Iranian extra virgin olive oil Salmanizadeh,Sanaz ; moazzezi,shima; Piravi-vanak,Zahra ; safafar,Hamed
56 Microencapsulation of Anthocyanins by Spray Drying; A Review Akhavan,sahar; jafari,seid mahdi
57 The effect of applying apple pomace and sodium stearoyl -2-lactylate on rheological properties and shelf life of Taftoon bread Maoazzezi,shima ; salmanizadeh,sanaz; Nateghi,Leila; yusefi,morvarid
58 Enrichment of bread by adding oat flour and using transglutaminase enzyme Golfar,negar; shahedi,mohammad; esmaiili,mohsen
59 Using shear reversible gels to stabilize the Flixweed (Descurainia sophia L.) syrup Behbahani,Mona; Abbasi,Soleiman
60 Chemical Modification of Insoluble Fraction of Persian Gum (Mountain Almond tree gum) Samary Khalaj,Masumeh; Abbasi,Soleiman
61 Designing a cold plasma generator and its effect on decontamination of inocualated egg shells and aluminum foil Harouni,Amir; Abbasi,Soleiman
62 Comparison of different commercial fruit beverage characteristics in Iran Yousef lavi,Mahkameh ; tabatabaei moradi ,Leila ; yousefi,morvarid ; nateghi,leila
63 effect of herbal bioactive compounds on foods microbial spoilage Sahari,mohammad ali; asgari,sara
64 Production of high quality loaf breads with using whey products Jooyandeh,Hossein; Samavati,Vahid
65 Production of phenolic antioxidants from apple residue using Rhizopus oligosporus Hamdipour,saeid
66 The influence of Alginat_Whey protein encapsulation on survivability of Lactobacillus casei Naeemi,hajar
67 Improvement of baking parameters of frozen part baked Barbari bread by using gums and enzymes Hejrani,toktam
68 Effect of amylase and lipase combination on rheological and quality properties of frozen part baked BarBari bread Hejrani,toktam
69 The effect of different concentrations of three types of emulsifier on color of an industrial-made dark chocolate Mokhtari,shabnam; esmaiilim,mohsen
70 Modeling of terminal velocity of orange to characterize suitable sorting process Mazidi,mohammad; Jafari,Seyed Mehdi ; taheri-garavand,amin; mirzaee Ghal-eh,Esmaeil
71 On stabilization of acidified milk drinks – a review Shirkhani,Mohammad
72 Development of a functional sponge cake using oat fiber Majzoobi,Mahsa; Habibi,Maryam; Hedayati,Sara; Ghiasi,Fatemeh; Farahnaky,Asgar
73 Production of phenolic antioxidants from apple residue using Rhizopus oligosporus Hamdipour,saeid
74 Mass modeling of sour orange fruit with some physical characteristics Shahbazi,Feizollah
75 Optimize the extraction of antioxidant properties of jujube (Ziziphus Jujube) using ultrasound-assisted extraction method Fooladi,Hamed; Mortazavi,Seyed ALI; rajaei,ahmad; Elhami Rad,Amir Hossein; Salar Bashi,Davoud
76 Optimize the extraction of phenolic compounds of jujube (Ziziphus Jujube) using ultrasound-assisted extraction method Fooladi,Hamed; Mortazavi,Seyed ALI; rajaei,ahmad; Elhami Rad,Amir Hossein; Savabi Sani Kargar,Samira1; Salar Bashi,Davoud
77 Mathematical modeling of drying kinetics of the kiwifruit pastille Khazaiy Pool,Esmail; Shahidi,Fakhri ; Mortazavi,Sayed Ali ; Mohebbi,Mohebbat; Azizpour,Mehran
78 The Effect of Psyllium seed gum as an edible coating and in comparison to Chitosan on the textural properties and color changes of Red Delicious Apple Banasaz,Shahin
79 Mathematical Modeling of Oven Drying kinetics and Study on Effective Moisture Diffusivity of Spirulina platensis Biomass Tavakoli,Amir; shokrollahi Yancheshmeh,Behdad; Hesari Nejad,Mohammad Ali; Mohebbi,Mohebbat
80 Influence of Interfacial Composition on Droplets Flocculation of Oil-in-Water Emulsions Stabilized By Garden Cress Seed Gum Fazeli,arezoo; Najaf Najafi,Masoud; Mohamadi Sani,Ali; Koocheki,Arash
81 Changes in the physicochemical properties of wheat starch as affected by power ultrasound Majzoobi,Mahsa ; Hedayati,Sara; Farahnaky,Asgar
82 Effects of corn resistant starch on physicochemical properties of cake Majzoobi,Mahsa; Hedayati,Sara; Habibi,Maryam; Ghiasi,Fatemeh; Farahnaky,Asgar
83 The effect of applying gluten, wheat fiber and vinegar on the shelf-life, specific volume and sensory evaluation of Iranian strudels Salmanizadeh,Sanaz; moazzezi,shima; Nateghi,Leila
84 Determination of antiradical properties of some essential oils after thermal processing Kordsardouei,habibeh
85 Checking of population of Listeria monocytogenes in feta cheese during its ripening by cellular automata Shirafkan,maryam; setayeshi,saeed; atar,mohammadali
86 Checking of antibacterial effect of nano-encapsulated nisin on listeria monocytogenes population in feta cheese Shirafkan,maryam; setayeshi,saeed; atar,mohammad ali
87 Cabinet Dryer Design of Pomegranate Seeds in Conventional Method Rastgoo,Anahita; Sadeghi,Hanieh; Saadatmand,Ehsan
88 Effect of silver nanoparticles and gum Arabic coatings on physicochemical and microbial properties of green bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) Hedayati,Sara; Niakousari,Mehrdad
89 Effects of Addition Lentil Flour on the Batter Formulation on Quality of Simulated Fried Crust by Using a Deep-Fried Model System Shokrollahi,Behdad; Mohebbi,Mohebbat; Varidi,Mehdi; Ansarifar,Elham
90 A survey about release mechanism of bioactive compound through microencapsulation; Characterizing food proteins Moghaddas Kia,Ehsan; Sharif,Niloufar; Alizadeh,Mohamad
91 Evaluation of hygiene Lighvan cheese aspects regarding Lactococcus garvieae bacteria relying on culture-based and molecular methods Attar,Mohammad Ali; shirafkan,Maryam
92 Evaluating the effect of Tamarind extract on chemical properties of Yaldaei,negar
93 Fast monitoring of sucrose using CuO/MWCNTs nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode Shekarchizadeh,Hajar; Kadivar,Mahdi; Ensafi,Ali asghar
94 Effect of pH and calcium salt simultaneous changes on rheological behavior of xanthan gum- carboxymethyl cellulose blends Hemmatzadeh Dastrerdy,Sinoush; hojjatoleslamy,mohammad
95 Nanoencapsulation of α-tocopherol by Complex Coacervation Using Factorial design Sharifi,Faezeh
96 Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Moisture and Oil Content of Pretreated Deep-Fat-Fried Kurdish Cheese Nuggets Ansarifar,elham; mohebbi,mohebbet; ansarifar,javad
97 Changes in volume, porosity and viscoelastic properties of packaged donut during storage Ghaitaranpour,arash; Elahi,Mohammad; najaf nagafi,masoud; Mohebbi,Mohebbat
98 Evaluating the effect of Tamarind extract on chemical properties of Yaldaei,negar; yari,sepideh; javadi,afshin
99 Isolation and Chracterisation of phytase by Aureobasidium pullulans Eskandari,mohammad hadi; monjazeb marvdashti,leila
100 Effects of Three Different drying Methods on Protein Solubility and Color Parameters of Fenugreek Protein Isolate Feyzi,Samira
101 Effect of pH on rheological properties of sodium alginate -methyl cellulose mixtures Mehmandoust,fateme
102 Using image processing for optical properties of corn starch nanocomposites Heydari,Amir; Alemzadeh,Iran; Vossoughi ,Manoucher
103 Evaluation of the effect of grape concentrate instead invert syrup in soymilk pastille formulation an nutritional values and sensory properties Maghami kia,Hamideh; Shahidi,Fakhri; Mohamadi Sani,Ali
104 Optimization of Process Parameters for Foaming of potato puree with Response surface methodology Pourmahdi,Atefeh; Mohebbi,Mohebbat; Gohari Ardabili,Ashraf ; Varidi,Mehdi
105 Consideration to the effects of gender on some quality characteristics of ostrich meat during aging Baghaei,Homa
106 Ice cream microstructure Miraarab,saeed; Zandi,Mohsen
107 Physicochemical properties of two varieties of olive oil (Roghani & Zard) in Iran Najafzadeh,Mahmoud
108 Examination of the Effect of Spirulina platensis Microalgae on Drying Kinetics and the Color Change of Kiwifruit Pastille Khazaiy Pool,Esmail ; Shahidi,Fakhri ; Mortazavi,Sayed Ali ; Mohebbi,Mohebbat ; Azizpour,Mehran
109 Identification of antimicrobial producing Enterococci isolated from Iranian raw milk cheeses using cultural methods Edalatian,Mohammad Reza; Habibi Najafi,Mohammad Bagher; Mortazavi,Seyed Ali
110 Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Modeling of Moisture and Oil Content of Fried Mushroom Mohebbi,melahat
111 Nanotechnology In Food Packaging Farhoud,Fariba