لیست مقالات 3th International eConference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering (ICCKE 2013)

نمایش # عنوان نویسنده
0 Using Orthogonal basis Functions and Template Matching to Learn Whiteboard Cleaning Task by Imitation Mohsen Falahi
Masoumeh Jannatifar
1 Pasokh: The Standard Corpus for the Evaluationof Persian Text Summarizers
behdad behmadi moghaddas
Mohsen kahani
seyyed ahmad toosi
2 VECU: A New TCP Congestion Algorithm For Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Maryam Shafiei
Naser Yazdani
3 Multi-Sensor Estimation using CKF and DKF Ehsan Mirzazadeh
Behzad Moshiri
4 Graph-based Partitioning of Ontology with Semantic Similarity Soudabeh ghafourian
amin rezaeian
mahmoud naghibzadeh
5 Relationship between Naïve Bayes Error and Dependency Criteria in Feature Selection Problems Nafiseh Sedaghat

6 MalHunter: Automatic Generation of Multiple Behavioral Signatures for Polymorphic Malware Detection Haniye Razeghi Borojerdi
Mahdi Abadi
7 Proposing a centralized trust system in wireless sensor networks being resistant against routing and trust system attacks Fatemeh hajibabaei
8 A Computer-Aided System for Automatic Mitosis Ditection from Histopathological Slide Images based on Combination of Completed Local Binary Pattern (CLBP) and Stiffness Matrix Related Features Moj Akbarzadeh
Ashkan Tashk
MS Helfroush
Hab Danyali
9 Efficient Design of Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication based on Fast Montgomery Modular Multiplication Maryam Mohammadi
Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini
10 Small Signal Stability Improvement of a Wind Turbine-based Doubly Fed Induction Generator in a Microgrid Environment Amin Khodabakhshian
Seyed Mohammad Amelian
Hossein Saberi
Rahmatallah Hooshmand
11 Comparing MLP, SVM and KNN for predicting trust in Facebook social network based on users’ interactions and profile similarity Ehsan khadangi
alireza bagheri
12 Parsi Pardaz: Persian Language Processing Toolkit Zahra Sarabi
Hooman Mahyar
Mojgan Farhoodi
13 Measuring Relationship Strength in Online Social Networks based on users’ activities and profile information Ali zarean
alireza bagheri
ali bagheri jafarabadi
ehsan khadangi
14 A Novel Reputation System to Detect DGA-Based Botnets Reza Sharifnya
Mahdi Abadi
15 Immunization of complex networks using stochastic hill-climbing algorithm Mohammad Khansari
Bita Shams
16 Digital Realization of Twisted Tent Map and Ship Map with LFSR as a Pseudo-Chaos Generator Farnaz Khani
Arash Ahmadi
17 Creating a Novel Semantic Video Search Engine Through Enrichment Textual and Temporal Features of Subtitled YouTube Media Fragments Babak Farhadi
Mohammad Bagher Ghaznavi Ghoushchi
18 Time and Cost trade-off using multi-objective task scheduling in utility Grids Shiva alemzadeh
Gh Dastghaibyfard
19 MTCTTM:A Cost-Time Scheduling Algorithm For Tasks In Utility Grids Roholla Mehri
Gholamhossein Dastghaibyfard
20 A survey on community detection methods based on the nature of social networks Maryam Pourkazemi
Mohammadreza Keyvanpour
21 Reliability Computation of Clustered Smart Meters Using Fuzzy Logic Seyed amir mirmojarabian
mehri mehrjoo
seyed masoud barakati
22 Evaluating the Effects of Textual Features on Authorship Attribution Accuracy Reza Ramezani
Navid Sheydaei
Mohsen Kahani
23 PAD: A Semantic Social Network Samad Paydar
Mohsen Kahani
Fattane Zarrinkalam
24 A Privacy Protection Mechanism for Location-based Mobile Coupons Alireza Kazeminia
Behrouz Shahgholi Ghahfarokhi
25 Expressmind: recommending contents in an anonymous social network Mohammad Hossein Namaki
Behdad Bakhshinategh
Majid Noorhosseini
Mehdi Dehghan
26 Energy-aware Scheduling Algorithm for Precedence-Constrained Parallel Tasks of Network-intensive Applications in a Distributed Homogeneous Environment Vahid Ebrahimirad
Aboozar Rajabi
Maziar Goudarzi
27 An ABC Based Approach to Test Case Generation for BPEL Processes Mohammad Daghaghzadeh
Morteza Babamir
28 Election Algorithm: A New Meta-Hueristic Search and Optimization Technique Hojjat Emami
29 Folder Classification of Urdu and Hindi Language E-mail Messages M Tariq Banday
Shafiya Afzal Sheikh
30 A Set of new kernel function for Support vector machines: An approach based on Chebyshev polynomials Sara Zafar Jafarzadeh
Mohammad Aminian
Sohrab Efati
31 VHDLSFI: A Simulation-based Multi-Bit Fault Injection for Dependability Analysis Faezeh Pournaghdali
Amir Rajabzadeh
Mahmood Ahmadi
32 Mobile Target Tracking in non-overlapping Wireless Visual Sensor Networks using Neural Networks Mohammad Sabokrou
Mahmood Fathy
Mojtaba Hosseni
33 New Blind Signature Schemes Based on the (Elliptic Curve) Discrete Logarithm Problem Hamid Mala
Nafiseh Nezhadansari
34 A New Alert Correlation Framework Based on Entropy Abbas Ghaemi-Bafghi
Mohammad GhasemiGol
35 GIS based topology for wireless sensor network modeling: Arc-Node topology approach Amin Hosseini
Behrooz Minaei Bidgoli
Mehdi Afzali
36 WEBSTUIRE : WEB-based Support Tool for User Interface Requirements Elicitation Azita soltanian bojnord
Rodina binti ahmad
hoda soltanian bojnord
37 A Low Complexity and High Speed Gradient Descent Based Secure Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Mostafa Mofarreh-bonab
Seyed Ali Ghorashi
38 Low complexity Distributed adaptive blind channel estimation for dereverberation in ad hoc sensor networks Zohre Foroushi
Vahid TabatabaVakili
39 Jumper Firefly Algorithm Mahdi bidar
Hamidreza Rashidy Kanan
40 Human Detection in Semi-dense Scenes Using HOG descriptor and Mixture of SVMs Afsane rajaei
hamidreza shayegh
nasrollah moghaddam charkari
41 A New Pacth-Based Active Contour for Segmentation of the Myocardium of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac Magnetic Resonace Images Mohammad-Bagher Khamehchian
Mahdi Saadatmand-Tarzjan
42 Scheduling Hard Real-time Tasks on Multi-core using Intelligent Rate-monotonic Amin Rezaeian
Mahmoud Naghibzadeh
Peyman Neamatollahi
43 A novel image encryption method based on chaos maps Esmaeil Besharatei Fard
Reza Ebrahimi Atani
44 The Brain’s Neural Classifiers Considering both the Posterior Probabilities and Generalities to Control the Mechanism Underlying Decision Making; An Evidence for Computational Bayesian Classifiers Morteza Saraf
Hamed Azami
Mohammad Reza Daliri
Saeid Sanei
45 Feature Selection using Modified Imperialist Competititive Algorithm Seyed Jalaleddin mousavirad
Hossein Ebrahimpour-Komleh
46 Resource Recommender System Based on Tag and Time for Social Tagging System Negin Misaghian
Mehrdad Jalali
Mohammad Hossein Moattar
47 A New Combinatorial Algorithm for QRS Detection Saeed Alavi
Mahdi Saadatmand-Tarzjan
48 Highway Chain Collision Avoidance using Inter-Vehicular Communications Mohammad Javad Fazel Ashrafi
Saleh Yousefi
Hamid Karimi
Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
Habib Rostami
Hamid Reza Ataeian
49 A Hybridization of ICA–GA based Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems for Cancer Tumor Detection Danial jalal nouri
Mohammad Saniee Abadeh
50 Distributed Classification of Persian News (Case study: Hamshahri News Dataset) Leila Esmaeili
Vahid Amiry
Mohammad Kazem Akbari
Saeed Sharifian
51 An Overview of Fault Tolerance Techniques for Real-Time Operating Systems Yasser Sedaghat
Reza Ramezani
52 ZDF: An Adaptive Discretization Method to Improve Separability of Classes Fatemeh Kaveh-Yazdy
Mohammad-Reza Zare-Mirakabad
53 Kalman Filter-Based Discrete Data Estimation for Linear Dynamic Wireless Channels Mohammad Hassan Majidi
Mithridad Pourmir
Seyed Mohammad Sajad Sadough
54 New method for evaluating anti-SPIT in VoIP networks Mina Amanian
Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam
Hossein Khosravi Roshkhari
55 Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Energy Efficient Dynamic Clustering and Prediction-Based Protocol Vahid Hosseini
Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat
56 An Efficient Privacy Preserving Scheme of High Frequency Reports for Secure Smart Grid Communications Samaneh Hajy Mahdizadeh Zargar
Mohammad Hosein Yaghmaee
57 Application of An Improved SVR Based Bat Algorithm for Short-Term Price Forecasting in the Iranian Pay-as-Bid Electricity Market Hossein Taherian
Iman Nazer Kakhki
Mohammad Reza Aghaebrahimi
58 A Domain Specific Metamodel for Concurrent Programming Moharram challenger
elaheh azadi
59 Confabulation based Recomender System Azadeh Soltani
Mohammad-R Akbarzadeh-T
60 Optimization of Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms for Cloud Computing Application Hamid Malmir
Fardad Farokhi
Reza Sabbaghi
61 Energy Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing by MIMO Sensors in Wireless Sensor Network Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Andargoli
Seyed Hani Hojjati
Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh
Maryam Najimi
62 Fuzzy High-Order Sliding-Mode Control of Blood Glucose Concentration Maryam zakri
behzad nazari
soudabeh taghian dinani
63 Failure Recovery of Composite Semantic Services using Expiration Times Hadi Saboohi
Amineh Amini
64 File Transfer in Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks using Fountain Coding Seyed Masoud Mousavi Langari
Saleh Yousefi
Sam Jabbehdari
Keywan Zayer
65 CVSS-based Security Metrics for Quantitative Analysis Of Attack Graphs Mahsa keramati
marjan keramati
ahmad akbari
66 Simple and Efficient Method to Measure Vessel Tortusity Hamid Reza Pourreza
Mariam Pourreza
Touka Banaee
67 Fast Multi-Match Packet Classification Using Index Bits Mohammad Eslamdoost
Arash Ahmadi
mahmood ahmadi
68 A New Algorithm Based On Reinforcement Learning For Regressor Selection In The Least Square Estimation Parisa Tavakkoli
Ali Kairmpour
69 Optimal Energy Detection in Cognitive Radios Networks in the Presence of Malicious Users
Mohammad Javad Saber
Seyed Mohammad-Sajad Sadough
70 A Dynamic SLA aware solution for IaaS cloud placement problem using simulated annealing Omid AslamBakhsh
MohammadReza Razzazi
71 Parasitic-aware Optimization of a 2.4GHz Cross-Coupled LC VCO Using IPO Compared to PSO Mohammad Reza Vakili
Seyed Hamid Zahiri
72 A Bilateral Negotiation Mechanism for SLA-based job Superscheduling in Grid-Federation Hadi kalati
Hossein Deldari
73 A Novel Block-Based Steganographic Method Mehran Iranpour
Mohammad Rahmati
74 Optimal Tuning of Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller Using Clonal Selection Algorithm Mohammad Jafari
Seyyed Hamid Elyas
Alireza Mohammad shahri
75 Short-Term Price Forecasting Under High Penetration of Wind Generation Units in Smart Grid Environment Iman nazer
hossein taherian
mohammad reza aghaebrahimi
76 Performance Study of Set-Membership NLMS Algorithm Over an Adaptive Incremental Network Mohammad shams Esfand Abadi
Hamid Eskandari
77 An Analysis of Vendor Lock-in Problem in Cloud Storage Seyed majid razavian
Hadi Khani
Nasser Yazdani
Fatemeh Ghassemi
78 Trust Assessment in Social Participatory Sensing Systems Haleh Amintoosi
Mohammad Allahbakhsh
Salil kanhere
Masood Niazi Torshiz
79 Urmia Lake Level Forecasting Using Brain Emotional Learning (BEL) Reza mahdi hadi
saeid shokri
Peyman Ayubi
80 A Novel Infrared Touch Sensing Using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm Saeid jafarizadeh
Reza Boostani
Ali Akbar Safavi
81 The Application of Fuzzy Adaptive Kalman Filtering and Smoother Kalman for Nuclear Well Logging Sina soltani
Paknosh Karimaghaee
82 Behavior improvement of wind turbines with DFIG by a new fractional-order control strategy during steady state and fault conditions Mohsen hosseinabadi
hasan rastegar
83 Weighted Averaging Clustering Algorithm for Haplotype Reconstruction Problem Akram Salimi
Ardeshir Baharian
Mahdi Heydari
84 A Priority-Based Sensor Selection for Energy-Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Maryam Najimi
Attaollah Ebrahimzadeh
Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Andargoli
Afshin Fallahi
85 New Method for Optimization of License Plate Recognition system with Use of Edge Detection and Connected Component Reza azad
hamidreza shayegh
86 New Algorithm for Recommender Systems based on Singular Value Decomposition Method Zeinab sharifi
mansoor rezghi
mahdi nasiri
87 Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Based Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad hoc Networks Fereydoun ramezani
shahram khodaei
88 Optimal Robust Iterative Learning Control for Output Tracking via Second-Order Sliding Mode Technique Hossein babaee
alireza khosravi
89 Modified Contour-Based Algorithm for Multiple Objects Tracking and Detection Manoochehr Nahvi
Hamid Rajabi
90 Bic-NSCSA: A Hybrid Artificial immune system model for DNA microarray bi-clustering Taraneh abtahi
Mohammad-R Akbarzadeh-T