2017 7th International Conference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering (ICCKE)

October 26-27, 2017

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

The International Conference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering (ICCKE) is an online annual conference for the presentation of cutting-edge research contributions in the fields of computer and knowledge engineering.



دومين همايش ملي آموزش زبان فارسي


مکان برگزاري: دانشگاه فردوسي مشهد

نشاني دبيرخانه: مشهد،ميدان آزادي ، دانشگاه فردوسي مشهد، مرکز بين المللي آموزش زبان فارسي به غير فارسي زبانان  صندوق پستي 9177948974

تلفن: 38804355

نمابر: 38804355

پست الکترونيک:tpl@um.ac.ir

کانال تلگرامي: https://telegram.me/secondtpl

International Conference on Industrial and Systems Engineering (ICISE)


آدرس دبيرخانه: مشهد، ميدان آزادي، دانشگاه فردوسي مشهد، دانشکده مهندسي، گروه مهندسي صنايع، کد پستي: 1111-91775

تلفن: 38806061-051 

فکس: 38807183-051

ايميل icise@um.ac.ir:

3nd Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Teaching,Literature & Translation Studies

In the past few years, the English Department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) has hosted two seminal academic events in the fields of language and interdisciplinary studies. In October 2012, English Department organized the First Conference on Language Teaching & Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach (LLT-IA). In 2015, the Second Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Teaching, Literature and Translation Studies (LTLTS2-IA) broadened the scope of attention to address literary and translation studies as well. Fortunately, both conferences were warmly received by students and scholars from all over the country.

Interest in interdisciplinary studies has been turned into one of the top priorities in FUM. It has also been the focus of many of the scholarly discussions here at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities as well. The main objective has been to cross the conventional boundaries of existing academic disciplines to open up new horizons in interdisciplinary research.

The English Department is now honored to inform you that the Third Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Teaching, Literature and Translation Studies (LTLTS3-IA) is to be held on October 24-25, 2017. It is hoped that the prospective conference will create a congenial atmosphere for university professors, researchers and students to share their findings and to promote a common understanding in language-related fields.

We are looking forward to seeing you here at Ferdowsi University.

LTLTS3-IA Conference Chair

Mahmoud Reza Ghorban-Sabbagh


پنجمين همايش ترموديناميك

پنجمين همايش تخصصي ترموديناميك

موضوع علم ترموديناميك انرژي است. اولين كاربردهاي علم ترموديناميك مربوط به ماشين هاي بخار بوده است. اين علم در طي ساليان متمادي توسعه پيدا نموده و در صنايع مختلف بكار گرفته شده است.

امروزه از علم ترموديناميك بعنوان يكي از علوم بنيادي در طراحي ، شبيه سازي و بهينه سازي بسياري از فرايندهاي صنايع مختلف مانند نفت،گاز، پتروشيمي، شيميايي، نيروگاهي، هسته اي، بيولوژيكي استفاده مي شود.

نمودار زير به طور كلي ابزارهاي مورد نياز براي مدل سازي ترموديناميكي و سپس گستردگي آن را براي سامانه هاي متنوع بيان مي كند.



اولين سمينار كنترل و بهينه سازي


همایش ترجمه و ميراث ادبي ايران و فرانسه