لیست مقالات چهارمين همايش بين المللي جراحي دامپزشکي

نمایش # عنوان نویسنده
0 Treatment of Chronic Mastitis in a Dairy Cow: A Case Report MEHMOOD,KHALID
1 Histopathological evaluation of the effect of platelet-rich fibrin on canine cutaneous incisional wound healing کاظمي,داوود;خانزاده عليشاهي,مجيد
2 Biodegradable versus non-biodegradable nerve guides in peripheral nerve reconstruction: An experimental comparative study Mohammadi,Rahim;Amini,Keyvan ;Azizi,Saeed
3 Bezoars and its role in small colon impaction Bigham Sadegh,Amin;Heydari,Milad;Kazemi Asl,Seyed Amin ;Davoodi,Zinat;Kojouri,Gholam Ali
4 Long term use of Flunixin meglumine & Ketoprofen in Arabian Horses and their Digestive & Cardiac injuries (Biochemical, Hematological and Endoscopic findings) Hassanpour,Ali;Nadalian,Mohammad gholi
5 بررسي وضعيت آنتياكسيدانهاي سرم در گا وهاي شيري مبتلا به جابجايي شيردان به چپ سرانجام,نويد;حسن پور,علي
6 Some Radiological Measurements from The Hind Feet of Sound Dareh-shori Horses with Relevance to Laminitis and Founder Vali,Roham
7 Ketoprofen combined with artery graft entubulization improves functional recovery of transected peripheral nerves مهرتاش,معيد;مهرتاش,معين;محمدي,رحيم;نيکونام,نيما
8 Evaluation of breed, age and sex effects on lumbosacralinjuries in referred cats to ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz Elyasi,Boshra;Tarakame samani,Solmaz
9 Evaluation of breed, age and sex effects on Hip Dysplasia in dogs referred to ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz during 1391-1393 Elyasi,Boshra;Tarakame samani,SOlmaz
10 Cranium bifidum with meningocele in a lamb: A case report Khamesipour,Faham;Jafarian,Mohsen ; Vahed Dehkordi,Elyas ;Nejat Dehkordi,Shahin ;,;,;,;,;Yadegari ,Mehrdad
11 Report of Congenital Syndactyly (Mule Foot) in Cattle Vahed ,Elyas ;Yadegari ,Mehrdad;Khamesipour,Faham
12 Normal Echocardiographic Findings in Four Month Old Male Ostrich (Struthio camelus) Khamesipour,Faham;Gholami Ahangaran,Majid ;Yadegari ,Mehrdad
13 Histomorphological Evalution of Lithium and Calcium Phosphate Cement Combination in Experimental Tibial Defect in the Rabbit Hesaraki,Saeed;Sharifi,Davood;Gholijafari,Fatemeh
14 Hydroalcoholic extract of oak (Quercus infectoria) acorn shell enhances healing of full-thickness wounds in rats Mohammadi,Rahim ;Rostami,Hawdam;Hobbenaghi,Rahim
15 Morphometric Evaluation of Long Bones of the Caspian Horse by Radiography Hassanpour,Aida;Jalali Khalilabadi,Yalda;Ahrari Khafi,Saeed;Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah;Taravat,Saman
16 Value of power color doppler ultrasonography for the assessment of the cancellous bone scaffold coated with nano-hydroxyapatite in repair of radial bone in rabbit Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Veshkini ,Abbas ;Sharifi,Davood ;Hesaraki,Saeed
17 The Radiographical assessment of occurrence and degree of carpal bone fracture in Kurd horse Rahimzadeh,Rasoul; Jahanshahi,Amirali
18 Ultrasound analysis of iron accumulation in the liver of Eurasian Collared-Dove Khalafi,Yunes;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Nazem Zomorrodi,Pejman
19 Radiological and histopathological study of joint disease in Arbor- Acres broiler chickens Hajizadeh,Payam ;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Ghiasvand,Yaser
20 The effect of Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberclusis infection on digital diseases occurrence in dairy herds محمدنيا,احمدرضا;مشايخي,کميل;سيفي,حسام
21 Radiographic Evaluation of Polyethylene glycol Effects on Colonic Evacuation in Dogs Avizeh,Reza;Ghadiri,Alireze;Biazar,Yasaman
22 Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Intraocular Structures in Healthy Dareh-shori Horse Vali,Roham
23 Management of Mandibular Fracture in Large Animals Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah;Raayat Jahromi,Alireza
24 A Case-Report: Clostridial Edema Following Cesarean in a Half-Blood Holstein Cattle Jahany,Siyavash;Imani,Hadi;Kavoosi,Narges
25 Undiagnosed diaphragmatic hernia in a traumatized cat Behfar,Mehdi;Mazaheri,Ramin ;Azad Tirgan,Mahbubheh
26 Efficacy of cyclosporine in the prevention of contralateral epididymal sperm deterioration in experimental unilateral vas deferens obstruction Behfar,Mehdi;Shalizar Jalali,Ali ;Najafi,Gholamreza ;Gholamalipour,Siamak
27 Effect of experimental unilateral blunt testicular trauma on contralateral epididymal sperm fertilizing capacity in mice Behfar,Mehdi;Moeini Moghaddam,Reza ;Shalizar Jalali,Ali ;Najafi,Gholamreza
28 Bone-guided regeneration of mandibles using chitosan scaffold seeded with characterized uncultured omental adipose derived stromal vascular fraction محمدي,رحيم;Amini,Keyvan;,
29 Comparison of minimally invasive endoscopically assisted to incisional and belt loop prophylactic gastropexy in dogs Tavakoli,Azin;Razavifard,Amir hasan;Mahmodifard,Amir
30 Antioxidant concentration status in the serum of cows with left displacement abomasom Hassanpour,Ali;Saranjam,Navid ;,
31 Comparative study of the Bone Morphogenic Protein and Hydroxyapatiteused in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma in bone healing in rabbits Namazi,Fatemeh;Dehghani nazhvani,Seifollah;Rahnama,Seyedeh pantea;Vaghefi,Dunya
32 Pulse oximetry and cardiorespiratory changes during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in dogs Tavakoli,Azin;Danande,Hamid Reza;Rajabian,Farbod;Mohammadyar,Leila
33 Radiographic Assessment of the effect of Demineralized Bone Matrix on Induction and Conduction of Osteogenesis in Repair of mandibular Bone Defect in cat Alimohammadzadeh,Pooya ; Rahimzadeh,Rasoul; Nazem Zomorrodi,Pejhman
34 Plasmocytoma, A case report Molazem,Mohammad;Masudifard,Majid;Vali,Yasamin;Jamshidi,Shahram;Hatamkhani,Ali;Iranmanesh,Maryam
35 Comparison of Iohexol and Barium Sulfate as Gastrointestinal Contrast Media in Ringedneck Parakeet Ghaviruh,Reza ; Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Nazem Zomorrodi,Pejman
36 Ultrasonographical evaluation of the eye parameters in Brown Fish owl (Ketupa zeylonensis) Sepehr,Mahmoud;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Nazem Zomorrodi,Pejman
37 Local administration of platelet derived growth factor B on functional recovery of peripheral nerve regeneration: A sciatic nerve transection model Golzadeh,Atefeh;Mohammadi,Rahim
38 The Pathological Report of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) in Calf Golmohammadi,Shahin;Nazem Zomorodi,Pezhman;Ekradi,Luqman;Fattahi,Aras
39 Evaluation of clinical effects of intramuscular administration of methadone in pigeon Majidi,Sahar;Ghashghaii,Ali;Javdani,Musa;Nikousefat,Zahra
40 A case report of secondary ectopic pregnancy in a Spitz bitch Yousefi,Alireza;Behfar,Mehdi;Abbasipour,Sedighe;Abdollahi,Mehdi;Sarrafzade rezaei,Farshid
41 Platelet rich plasma locally improves functional recovery after bridging sciatic nerve defect using silicone rubber chamber Abbasipouir-Dalivand,Sedighe;Mohammadi,Rahim;Mohammadi,Vahid
42 Reconstruction of long digital extensor tendon by allogeneic fascial graft in a dog; a Case report Khajeh,ahmad;imani,amir reza;naddaf,hadi;sabiza,soroush
43 Surgical treatment and a unique management of rostral mandibular fracture with cerclage wire in a horse; Clinical Report Naddaf,Hadi ;Sabiza,Soroush;Kavosi,Narges
44 Macroscopic and histological evaluation of articular cartilage repair following the use of autologous platelet rich fibrin Kazemi,Davoud;Fakhrjoo,Ashraf;Mirzazadeh Dizaji,Vahid;Khanzadeh Alishahi,Majid
45 Report of Persistent Hymen in Dog Golmohammadi,Shahin;Fattahi,Aras;Nazem Zomorodi,Pezhman
46 Three Dimensional CT Scan Evaluation of Agnathia in A Lamb Vali,Yasamin;Soroori,Sarang;Ragh,Mohammad Javad
47 Three dimensional CT scan Evaluation of Supraspinatous Mineralizing Tendonopathy and Avulsion Fracture Vali,Yasamin;Molazem,Mohammad;Dehghan,Mohammad Mehdi ;Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed ;Safarian,Zahra;Davoodipoor,Somayeh
48 Equine sialolithiasis, a report on four cases Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah
49 Comparison of Iopromide with Iodixanol in arthrography of shoulder in dog Kabir,Farrokhreza;Khaveh,Nadia;Akbarian,Mahmoud
50 Surgical Correction of Cleft Palate Secondary to Trauma in a Cat رفعت پناه بايگي,شقايق;فرزاد مهاجري,سعيد;صفاريان,زهرا;قاسمي,ستاره;عاشقيان اميري,ايمان;حاجي نصرالله,مصطفي;خيراللهي,عطيه
51 Radiological Evaluation of the Regenerated silk/bioglass composite Scaffolds in Repair of Mandibular Defect in Rats Rahimzadeh,Rasoul; Hesaraki,Saeed;Ghavirouh,Reza ; Sepehr,Mahmoud;Mahan,Mehrdad
52 Aortic aneurysm and neuritis of cauda equina in an Arabian stallion Kojouri,Gholam Ali;Riahi,Sharareh;Hosseini,Farzaneh;Heydari,Milad;Kazemi Asl,Seyed Amin
53 The first report of aberrant corneal occlusion in rabbit in Iran Komeilian,Amir;Panahifar,Nima;Bardshiri,Bahador;Moradi,Omid
54 Surgical treatment of congenital phimosis in two German shepherd mix puppies; a case report Baniadam,Ali; kavosi,Narges;Sabiza,Soroush;Zaierzade,Akram;Moradi,Alireza
55 An Unusual Case Report of Subcutaneous Abscess By Migration of Gastrointestinal Metallic Foreign Body: Imaging Diagnosis and Findings Saffarian,Zahra;Ebrahimi,Roja;Rafat Panah,Shaghayegh;Mohammad Shah Ali,Shahrzad;Farzad,Saeed;Davudypoor,Somaye;Masoudifard,Majid;Pedram,Mir Sepehr
56 The Use of Tension Band Wire For Treatment of Dorsal Acetabulum Fracture in an Accidental Cat Akhoundi,Mohsen ;Naddaf,Hadi; Sabiza,Soroush ;Khajeh,Ahmad
57 Retrospective Study of Recorded Surgeries in the Horses Referred to Veterinary Hospital of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz Naddaf,Hadi;Baniadam,Ali;Sabiza,Soroush;Boroon,Nima;Akhoondi,Mohsen
58 Angiographic Study Of The Ovine Pregnant Uterus Mokhtari,Fariba;Mogheiseh,Asghar;Ahrari Khafi,Mohamad Saeed
59 The evaluation of topical administration of different doses of lint bells oil ointment on circular excision wound healing in experimental animals Farahpour,Mohammad Reza
60 Histopathological evaluation of β-tricalcium phosphate (HA+ β-TCP) granol potential for healing of segmental femur bone defect in rat Eftekhari,Hadi;Farahpour,Mohammad Reza
61 Topical application of Thyme oil accelerates infected wound healing Farahpour,Mohammad Reza;Rahmanpour,Arnin
62 Evolution of Securigera extract on excisional wound healing in diabetic mice Farahpour,Mohammad Reza;Soltanian,Amir
63 Total Splenectomy in a Dog Due to Internal Hemorrhage Caused by Trauma رفعت پناه بايگي,شقايق;صفاريان,زهرا;فرزاد مهاجري,سعيد;حاجي نصرالله,مصطفي;داوودي پور,سميه
64 The effect of platelet rich plasma and silicon scaffold on repair of tendon gap in Guinea pigs Dehghani Nazhvani,Fatemeh;Dehghani,Seifollah
65 Effect of topical Pistacia Atlantica extracts on full - thickness wounds in rats Farahpour,Mohammad Reza;Doostmohammadi,Jamal;Ebrahimzadeh,Mahmood
66 Combination of Cinnamon extract and Flaxseed oil accelerate full-thickness wound healing in rabbit Farahpour,Mohammad Reza;Ggafuori,Majid
67 A case report of apocrine gland adenocarcinoma of the anal sac associate with hypercalcemia signs in a neutered male Great Dane Mashhady rafie,Siamak
68 Intrathecal Injection of Lidocaine in Dog as a New Method for Euthanasia with Animal Rights Consideration Zolhavarieh,Seyed Masoud;Sadeghi-nasab,Ali
69 Surgical excision of Epulis in a spitz dog: A case Report Bangash,Mohammad Yasan ;Ebrahimi,Roja;Pedram,Mir Sepehr;Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed;Molazem,Mohammad;Vali,Yasamin;Shirani,Dariush;Khaki,Fariba
70 Conventional Versus Reverse Nerve Grafting For Peripheral Nerve Repair in Lower Extremity of Rats پدرام,ميرسپهر;صفاريان,زهرا;رفعت پناه بايگي,شقايق
71 Quantitative evaluation of hepatic lipidosis in dogs Vali,Yasamin;Molazem,Mohammad;Yadegari,Mehrdad;Nasiri,Mehdi;Dehghan,Omid
72 Surgical Removal of Perforating Metallic Foreign Body Ingested by a Dog والي,ياسمين;قاسمي,ستاره;حاجي نصرالله,مصطفي;فرزاد مهاجري,سعيد;کاظم خشجوري,باسم;رفعت پناه بايگي,شقايق;پدرام,ميرسپهر;صفاريان,زهرا
73 Clinical and radiographical study of dental problems in horses Bagheri,Naser;Farrokhi,Ashkan;Nurbakhsh,Mostafa;Dehghani nazhvani,Sifolah;Yadegari ,Mehrdad
74 Surgical resection and diagnostic report of a well differentiated Squamous cell Carcinoma in the third eyelid of a horse Nadaf,Hadi;Esmaeilzadeh,Saleh;kavosi,Narges
75 Surgical treatment of early Sertoli cell tumor in a cryptochid colt Baniadam,Ali; ghadiri,Alireza;Esmaeilzadeh,Saleh;Kavosi,Narges
76 A case report of several persistent primary teeth associate with enamel hypoplasia in a puppy Mashhady rafie,Siamak
77 The Comparison of Intraosseous and Intravenous Anesthesia (Thiopental-Na) in Pigeon. Bakhshi,Samane;Aghchelou,Mohammad reza;Saadati,Dariush
78 Radiographic Measurement of Vertebral Heart Scale (VHS) in Hamster Khalaf deris,Simin;Makipoor,Mobin
79 Radiological Evaluation of the Cancellous Bone Scaffold Coated with Nano-Hydroxyapatite in Repair of Radial Bone Defect in Rabbit Vali,Roham;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul; Veshkini,Abbas
80 Determination of indication for assessment of weighting characteristics in Ross broiler chicken by ultrasonography Mohammadi,Vahid ;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul
81 Unilateral Split-Forelimb Malformation in a Puppy: A Case Report Araghi,Mostafa;Hashemiasl,Seyedmohamad;Mohammadi,Vahid
82 Orthopedic surgery and post operation management of radius and femur fracture in European eagle owl (Bubo bubo): Case Report Bazaei,Mohammad;Pourjam,Vahid;Dehghan,Karim
83 Clinical Evaluation of Electrocautery , Ligation , Eucrasor and Blind Manual Method in Rooster Orchiectomy Vafafar,Amir
84 Effect of chitosan tube placement on flexor tendon repair in rabbits Sarrafzadeh-rezaei,Farshid;Farshid,Amirabbas;Heshmatian,Behnam;Behfar,Mehdi;Yousefi,Alireza
85 Feline Hip Dysplasia, Two Cases Reports and An Article Review Davudypoor,Somaye;Soroori,Sarang;Mohammad Shah Ali,Shahrzad
86 Comparative effect of Aloe Vera and Cinnamon extract accelerate full- غفوري,مجيد;فرهپور,محمد رضا
87 MRI Characteristics of Hip Joint Active Osteoarthritis: A Case Report Afroozi,Fariborz;Davudypoor,Somaye;Molazem,Mohammad
88 Syringomyelia In Mix Breed Dog: A Case Report Banifazl,Sanaz;Molazem,Mohammad;Vali,Yasamin;Dehghan,Mohammad Mehdi;Babazadeh,Shabnam;Iranmanesh,Maryam
89 Prevalence of Diagnosable Diseases in Hamsters by Diagnostic Imaging: A Retrospective Study Soroori,Sarang ; Molazem,Mohammad; Vali,Yasamin;Iranmanesh,Maryam;Mousavi,Shadi
90 Echocardiographic diagnosis of Dirofilaria immitis in ectopic sites in dog Mirzayi,Behzad;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul ; Nosratpour,Arsham; Ranjbar,Hamid
91 A big cutaneous horn on the ovine abdominal skin Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid;Ariazand,Yazdan;Ghane,Mohsen;Vajdi,Naser;Karimi,Aida
92 Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Ruptured Cranial Cruciated Ligament in a Marghoz Goat Ghiasvand,Yaser
93 Ultrasonographical diagnosis of right-sided dilatative cardiomegaly in parrot: a case repor Mirzayi,Behzad; Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Nazem Zomorodi,Pejman
94 The role of MRI in the diagnosis of Axillary lymph nodes after injection of Ferric hydroxide sucrose complex in rabbit پور عيسي,مسعود;اسدنسب,غلامرضا
95 Incidence of Hip Dysplasia in Large Breed Dogs Referred to Veterinary Faculty Teaching Hospital of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad: a preliminary Study Jafari doost,Somaieh;Rajabioun,Masoud ;Kazemi Mehrjerdi,Hossein;Mirshahi,Ali
96 Comparison of the usual ways for ventriculocordectomy in dogs ,;,;Sanjarani,Ghasem;,
97 Subjective assessment of analgesic efficacy of intra-articular tramadol administration following arthroscopic surgery in horses Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Lischer,Christoph;Klaus,Christoph
98 Partial Remove of the Soft Palate and Tonsillectomy in a Pregnant Bitch with Atrial Fibrillation Soltani Manesh,Mohamad
99 Partial Remove of the Soft Palate and Tonsillectomy in a Pregnant Bitch with Atrial Fibrillation Soltani Manesh,Mohamad
100 Use of Ethyl alcohol in induction of experimental osteoarthritis نيك احوال,بهروز;احمدي,نصراله;شمس مولوي,مارال
101 The Effect of Platelet Rich Fibrin with Autogenous Omental Graft on Healing of Experimental Achilles Tendon Injury in Rabbits Nikpasand,Amin ;Barzegar,Mohammad;Moslemi,Hamid reza
102 Tendon Injury Healing with Fibroblast and Static Magnetic Field in Rabbit Model: Biomechanical and Histo-Pathological Evaluation Ghasemi,Setareh;Bigham Sadegh,Amin;Karimi,Iraj;Mirshokraei,Pezhman;Yousefi,Ahmad;Nazari,Hassan
103 A surgical report of a severe necrotic vaginal prolapse in an intact bitch Tavakoli,Azin;Nikpasand,Amin;Ghiassi,Reza;Pahlavan,Parham
104 Ultrasonographic , laparoscopic and surgical findings in cow with omental bursitis :case report Jaberi,Abbas;,
105 Effect of Calendula ointment on the healing process of rats second degree burn Darzianrostami,Zahra; Hemati,Mohamad
106 The ESF-IM Pin Tie-in Fixation in Multiple Fracture of Humerus in an Eagle بني آدم,علي;جهاني,سياوش;خواجه,احمد
107 Botox immobilization effects on equine wound healing Jalalipour,Haideh;Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Tabatabaei Naeini,Abutorab;Aghaei,Shahin;Sepaskhah,Mojdeh
108 Evaluation of fibroblast like synoviocytes (FLSs) on tendon healing in rab-bits Azad tirgan ,Mahboobeh;Sarrafzade rezaee,Farshid ;Malekinejad,Hasan
109 An Introduction to Nanotechnologies and mechanisms of cryosurgery Darzianrostami,Zahra;Hemati,Mohamad
110 Removal of an Oral Osteoma without Mandibulectomy in a Cat Pahlavan,Parham;Tavakoli,Azin
111 Influence of Xenogenous-based bovine-derived platelet gel embedded within a three-dimensional collagen implant on the healing and regeneration of the Achilles tendon defect Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid;Oryan,Ahmad;Moshiri,Ali
112 Ultrasonographic and Anatomic Description Study of Metacarpal Tendons and Ligaments in the Anatolian Donkey Nazem,Mohammadnaser;Razavi Ebrahimi,Parham; Esmaili-Nejad,Mohammad-Reza; Mirza Esmaeili,Ali; Vosough,Dariush
113 Quantitative and Qualitative Scintigraphic Measurement of Kidney in Rat after Saffron Administration Vosough,Dariush;Esmaili-Nejad,Mohammad-Reza;Razavi Ebrahimi,Parham;Mir-Jordavi,Adel
114 Survey of Cataract Cases in Dromedary Camels (Camelus Dormedarius) With B-Mode Ultrasonography Ashtari,Mohammad Sadegh;Yadegari,Mehrdad;Tavakol,Sajad
115 Gastric obstruction by foreign body in a rabbit Abbaszadeh hasiri,Mohammad;Nikahval,Behrooz;Sayahi,Emad
116 Report of Congenital malformation in mandible of a Holstein calf Yadegari,Mehrdad ;Ashtari,Mohammad Sadegh;Tavakol,Sajad;Dehghanpisheh,Pouria
117 The effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on regeneration of peripheral nerve injury in rabbit radial nerve Saadaty,Zahra sadat; Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah;Asaadi,Aniseh;Namazi,Faemeh
118 Hydronephrosis due to Ureteral Ligation in Flank Ovariectomy in a Cat Saadaty,Zahra sadat;Nikahval,Behrooz;Ahrari Khafi,Mohammad Saeed ;Sayahi,Emad
119 Occurrence of an atypical melanocytic nevus in a horse; a case report Moaddab,Hossein;Siavosh Haghighi,Zahra Minoosh ;Davoodabadi Farahani,Fateme
120 Parotid sialolithiasis in a horse: a case report Davoodabadi Farahani,Fateme;Siavosh Haghighi ,Zahra Minoosh ;Moaddab,Hossein ;Afshary Safavi,Ehsan
121 Internal fixation of a proximal physeal fracture and concurrent tibial tuberosity avulsion in a husky dog Akbari urumieh,Erfan;,;,;,
122 Successful management of severe open metacarpophalangeal joint dorsal luxation in a Darreh-Shuri stallion Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Vajdi,Nasser
123 Protective effect of liquorice root extract on Experimental Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats Hassibi,Hadi;Paidar ardakani,Amin;Azari,Omid;Kheirandish,Reza;Razavi ebrahimi,Parham
124 Comparison of fresh frozen and lyophilized tendon xenograft transplantation from horse to rabbit: A preliminary study Hassanpour,Aida;Dehghani nazhvani,Seifollah;Namazi,Fatemeh
125 Surgical Treatment of a Paraprostatic cyst in a German shepherd dog: Case Report Shirani,Dariush;Hajinasrollah,Mostafa;Pedram,Mir Sepehr ;Ebrahimi,Roja;Farzad Mohajeri ,Saeed;Molazem,Mohammad;Vali,Yasamin ;Davudypoor,Somaye
126 Inactive Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Improve Early Tendon Healing in a Rabbit DDF Tendon Model Javanmardi,Sara;Jafari jozani,Raziallah ;Ashrafi helan,Javad;Vosough,Amirata;Hosseinzadeh,Neda
127 Ovariohysterectomy in a Ghezel Ewe with Uterine Necrosis Due To Prolonged Dystocia Javanmardi,Sara;Hoseinzadeh,Neda
128 Repeated cystotomy following to recurrent urethral obstruction in a Persian tom-cat قشقايي,علي;جاوداني,موسي;نيکوصفت,زهرا;مزداراني,پريسا
129 6 reports about the occurerence and treatment of prolapsed cloaca in ostrich chicks Saghaee shahri,Samira;Sargazi,Dariush;Aghchelou,Mohammad reza;Mahdavi shahri,Yalda
130 Occurrence of an atypical melanocytic nevus in a horse; a case report Moaddab,Hossein ;Siavosh Haghighi,Zahra Minoosh;Davoodabadi Farahani,Fateme
131 A rare case of the none-metastatic malignant fibrosarcoma in a female terrier dog: report of diagnosis, surgery and follow-up Vali,Yasamain;Zamani,Mohamad;Pormahdian,Alireza;Kamarei,Nassirodin;Khaksar,Ehsan
132 Hypospodia in kids غريب زاده,صنم;Ghane,Mohsen;Bazyar,Hasan
133 Meconium Impactions in Foals Shahbazi,Salman;Ghane,Mohsen
134 The report simultaneous occurrence of carcinosarcoma in two littermate dogs’ mammary gland an prevent of recurrence via Theranekron administration Nazem zomorrodi,Pejman ;Seif pour,Nima;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Pourshahbaz,Ashkan
135 Protective Effects of Vitamin C & E and Hydrocortisone against Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats Azari,Omid;Kheirandish,Reza;Razavi Ebrahimi,Parham;Farajli Abbasi,Mohammad;Bidi,Masoud;Esmaili-Nejad,Mohammad-Reza
136 Ultrasonographic and Anatomic Description Study of SDF and DDF Tendons in Asil Horse Esmaili-Nejad,Mohammad-Reza ;Vosough,Dariush ;Lahooti,Sogand
137 Surgical Repair of Congenital Rectovaginal Fistula with Atresia Ani in Two Cases Imani,Hadi
138 Intestinal Adenocarcinoma in a Mixed Breed Terrier Dog: A Case Report Dehghan,Mohammad Mehdi ;Ebrahimi,Roja;Molazem,Mohammad;Marjanmehr,Seyed Hossein ;Vali,Yasamin ;Safarian,Zahra;Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed;Kheirolahi,Atiye
139 Treatment of Supracondylar Fracture in a Growing Dog by Using Cross Pins Salaran,Masood;Nikahval,Behrooz;Ahrari,Mohammad saeid;Shakeri,Farideh
140 Ciliary Adenoma in a Dog: Enucleation and histopathologic diagnosis. Rezaee,Massoud;Movassaghi,Ahmad Reza ;Seddighi,Mohamad Reza
141 Adenoma of The Third Eyelid in a Dog: Histopathologic diagnosis and surgical treatment. Rezaee,Massoud;Maleki,Mohsen;Movassghai,Ahmad Reza;Kamrani,Alireza
142 Subcutaneous Hemangioma in Two Captive Lion Cubs (Panthera Leo) Rezaee,Massoud;Movassaghi,Ahmad Reza ;Seddighi,Mohamad Reza
143 Flexible Radiographic Cassette اسدنسب,غلامرضا; Rahmani Barouji,Solmaz
144 Surgical treatment of lateral tympanic cavity pus caused by Escherichia coli bacteria in five Red eared slider turtle Savadkoohi,Hesam ;Gholamhossieni,Amin;Kamali,Seyed Amir ;Amini,Amin; Salaran,Masoud
145 Surgical management of bilateral pododermatitis (bumblefoot) in two roosters Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Nikahval,Behrooz;Shahbazi,Salman;Gharibzadeh,Sanam
146 Effect of topical Nitroglycerine on excisional wound healing on rabbit model Savadkoohi,Hesam ;Mohit mafi,Sorosh;Kamali,Seyed Amir
147 Protective effects of mummy remedy on cutaneous burn wound healing Azari,Omid;Kheirandish,Reza;Soltani nezhad,Hamzeh;Ghasemkhani,Naghme;Paidar,Amin
148 Herniation of the intestinal loops into the scrotum of a guinea pig; first report in Iran Shojaee,Aidin;Ahrari Khafi,Saeed;Kadivar Khajeh,Ebrahim
149 Study on the Effect of ground Black cumin (Nigella sativa Linn.) on experimental renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats Mousavi,Ghafour;Mohajeri,Daryoush
150 What is your diagnosis? Severe cervical scoliosis in a Darreh-Shuri filly Ahmadi,Maryam;Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Tabatabaei Naeini,Abutorab ;Hajimohammadi,Ali
151 A report on Adenosarcoma in the stomach of a Terrier dog having unsuitable diet Nazem Zomorrodi,Pejman;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Mirzayi,Behzad
152 Osteogenic medium with bone healing properties: An experimental study Bigham-Sadegh,Amin;Oryan,Ahmad;Abbasi-Teshnizi,Fatemeh Abbasi-Teshnizi
153 Tendon calcified in an old horse Bigham-Sadegh,Amin;Shafiei-Sarvestani,Zahra
154 Report of pectus excavatum with streptococcus pneumonia in a pekingese puppy عسکري,نادر
155 Diagnosis and surgical remroval of a granulosa-theca cell tumor By use of the flank approach in a standing mare Baniadam,Ali;Gooraninejad,Saad;Khaje,Ahmad;Imani,Amirreza;Jahany,Siavash;Sabiza,Soroush;Kavosi,Narges
156 Unilateral Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous/Persistent Tunica Vasculosa Lentis (PHPVL/PHTVL) in a German Shepherd Amini,Amin hossein;Shojaee Tabrizi ,Aidin ;Ahrari Khafi,Saeed;Eskafian ,Hesam
157 Reports of Cutaneous Wound Healing Caused by Hexamita in Pourshahbaz,Ashkan ;Naze zomorrodi,Pejman
158 Protective strategies against renal ischemia-reperfusion injury using different antioxidative agents Azari,Omid;Kheirandish,Reza;Farajli Abbasi,Mohammad;Paidar,Amin;Ghahremani Ghareh Cheshmeh,Shahin;Shafiei,Hemad
160 Protective effect of Pomegranate Seed Oil on Rat Experimental Osteoporosis, Pathologic Evaluation Khodadadi,Farzaneh; Kazemi Mehrjerdi,Hosein ;Moosavi,Zahra;Mirshahi,Ali
161 External fixation and wiring of mandibular multiple fracture in a two-day-old calf : A case report Raayat jahromi,Alireza;Dehghani nazhvani,Seifollah;Hassanpour,Aida
162 Effect of tissue engineered based hybridized micro structured collagen implant on the tendon healing Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid;Moshiri,Ali;Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid
163 The Feasibility Of Endoscopic Assisted Y to U Pyloroplasty In Dogs SHAHRANI,HADI;TAVAKOLI,AZIN;GHIYASI,REZA
164 An umbilical hernia in a Sistani breed calf Zeinali,Elyas;Aghchelou,Mohamadreza ;Shirazinia,Reza
165 Surgical repair of tibial and fibular multiple diaphyseal fractures in a wild sheep (Ovis Orientalis Arkal) Vajdi,Nasser;Raayat Jahromi,Alireza ;Vesal,Nasser
166 Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Congenital Inguinal Hernia in two new-born Arabian Colt in Yazd, Iran Farajli Abbasi,Mohammad;Paidar,Amin;Oluomi,Mohammad Mehdi
167 Effect of Nano-Particle of Magnesium Oxide on Ketamine-Induced Anesthesia in Rabbit Najafzade varzi,Hosein;Kavosi,Narges
168 Anal Atresia with Rectovaginal Fistula In a female Afghan hound puppy Razavi Ebrahimi,Parham;Soltaninezhad,Hamzeh;Hassibi,Hadi;Farajli Abbasi,Mohammad;Paidar Ardakani,Amin;Oloumi,Mohammad Mehdi
169 Splint Surgery in Horses Front Leg Shahbazi,Salman;Tabatabaei Naeini,Aboutorab;Taravat,Saman;Gharibzadeh,Sanam
170 Oxidative Stress Parameters in Turkmen Horses During Training and Competition Khanzadeh,Pouria;,;,;,;,
171 Critical Management of traumatic pneumothorax in 24 cats without penetrating chest wound. Abarkar,Mohammad
172 Simultaneous existence of Pyometra, Ovarian Cysts, Urolithiasis, Cystitis, and mammary gland tumor in guinea pig, case study Sabiza,Soroush;Rostami,Amir;Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed;Zahra,Safarian;Vali,Yasamin;Ghasemi,Setareh;Hajinasrollah,Mostafa;Rafatpanah,Shaghayegh;Amini Najafi,Fatemeh;Mansour,Hamed
173 Diagnosis and Treatment of Egg Binding in Three Green Iguana –Iguana Iguana Rahafrooz,Anahita;Ghazaleh,Nooshin;Molazem,Mohammad;Memarian,Iman;Jahanbin,Negin;Karbalaee,Majid
174 Advancement in bone graft and graft substitute for delayed union and nonunion fractures treatment: A Review Sayahi,Emad;Meimandi parizi,Abdolhamid
175 Unilateral cryptorchidism in an adult dog: case report Ebrahimi,Roja;Saffarian,Zahra;Vali,Yasamin;Kheirollahi,Atieh;Asadian,Asma;Bakhtiari,Jalal
176 Surgical correction of partial obstruction of the GI tract with concurrent duodenojejunic intussusception in a dog: A case report ,;,;Bakhtiari,Jalal;Saffarian,Zahra;Farzad,Saeed;,;,;,;,
177 Plastron Osteotomy and Ectopic Egg Removal via Cyctotomy in a Red Ear Slider Turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans) غزاله,نوشين;MEMARIAN,IMAN;Molazem,Mohammad;Chegeni,Solmaz;KARBALAYI,MAJID
178 Clinico-biochemical study on xylazine-ketamine and isoflurane anesthesia in rabbits undergoing ovariohysterectomy Maan,Muhammad Kashif
179 Evaluation of procollagen type I N-terminal propeptid (PINP) and collagen type I C-telopeptid (CTX) in serum and synovial fluid in osteoarthritis Heydari,Fahime;Nazifi,Saeed;Nikahval,Behrooz
180 Surgical treatment of keratitis Nigrum with keratectomy and conjunctival pedicle graft in 8 cats. Abarkar,Mohammad
181 Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in a dog and its surgical treatment: A case report Dehghan,Mohammad mahdi;Saffarian,Zahra;Kheyrollahi,Atiyye;Rezaian nojani,Mohammad;Tabarraei,Hadi;Fayyaz,Mohammad amin
182 Sole Ulcer as a sign of sub-acute rumen acidosis in a Simmental dairy herd cows Anasori,Ehsan ;Azizi,Saeed
183 Evaluation of low level laser effects on epidural anaestesia in horse Mokmeli,Soheila;شريفي,داوود;غزاله,نوشين;Momenzade,Sirus;Ghamsari,Seyed mehdi;Bahonar,Alireza
184 Metacarpal Multiple Fracture Management In a Goat Gharibzadeh,Sanam;Khosravanian,Maryam;Savadkoohi,Hesam;Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid
185 A case report of mid-shaft none union radius and ulna fracture in a hawk treated with IM pinning and orthopedic wires Yousefi,Alireza;Mazaheri-khameneh,Ramin;Ghanbari-nehbandani,Hosein
186 To study the effect of tramadol drug on amount of blood hemoglobin before and after the anesthesia with Propofol in cats صمدي شوب,کيوان;,;سرگلزايي,مرضيه;ملاشاهي,مهديه;نصيري,مهدي;حسين آبادي,ابراهيم
187 ventriculotomy in two parrots and a common mayna(case report Taghipour,Hamid;Hayati,Farzad;Ahrari-khafi,Mohamd saeed
188 Report of Fibrosarcoma in the finger numb “4” of the left hand in a Cat Hosseinzadeh,Hessam-uldin;Aasghari,Ahmad;Abedi,Gholamreza
189 Report of dog with Hemangiosarcoma in spleen Asghari,Ahmad;Ranjbaran,Najmeh;Hosseinzadeh,Hessam-uddin;Abedi,Gholamreza
190 The Influence of Enoxaparin and Clopidogrel on Survival of Accidental Skin Flap in Rat Animal Model Pedram,Mir Sepehr ;Kheirollahi,Atieh;Asheghian,Iman;,;,
191 Report of lymphomas in the right ear in a Cat Hosseinzadeh,Hessam-uddin;Abedi,Gholamreza;Asghari,Ahmad
192 Report of Mast Cells tumor in the skin of right hand in a dog Abedi,Gholamreza;Asghari,Ahmad;Hosseinzadeh,Hessam-uddin
193 CT Myelography vs. MRI for Detection of Spinal Infarction: A Case Report Dolatyabi,Sara;Molazem,Mohammad;Dehghan,Mohammad Mehdi;Farzad Molhajeri,Saeed;Safarian,Zahra;Vali,Yasamin
194 Comparison the effect of anaesthesia by means of Atropine-pentobarbital drug combination and Atropine-Acepromazine-pentobarbital drug combination on counting white blood cells in hedgehog حسين آبادي,ابراهيم;صمدي شوب,کيوان;,;سرگلزايي,مرضيه;ملاشاهي,مهديه;نصيري,مهدي
195 Surgical repair of cranioventral hip dislocation in a cat: A case report Memarian,Parastoo;Nikahval,Behrooz;Sayahi,Emad
196 Surgical resection of subcutaneous lipoma with osseous metaplasia in a cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus): A case report Dehghanpishe,Pouria;Memarian,Parastoo;Abedi Cham,Gholamreza;Baghaee Moghadam,Efat;Shaterzadeh Yazdi, Hanieh;Sadeghpour,Ali
197 CT Anatomy of the Pelvic Cavity of the Female Iranian Jebeer Sajjadian,Seyed Mohsen;Nazem,Mohammadnaser
198 Incidence of rectal tears in colicky horses maltreated by their owners Kheibari,Parviz;Ghane,Mohsen;Ahmadi,Nasrollah ;Hajimohammadi,Ali
199 Surgical resection of subcutaneous lipoma with osseous metaplasia in a cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus): A case report Dehghanpishe,Pouria;Memarian,Parastoo;Abedi Cham,Gholamreza;Baghaee Moghadam,Efat;Shaterzadeh Yazdi, Hanieh;Sadeghpour,Ali
200 Arthritis due to detached fragment of the sagittal ridge of the third metacarpal bone in a foal: A case report Memarian,Parastoo;Jalalipour,Hayede;Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah;Momenifar,Foroogh;Mohamadi,Mahboobe
201 Excretory Urography by Intramuscular Injection in quail Ranjbar,Hamid;Mirzayi,Behzad;Nosratpour,Arsham;Rahimzadeh,Rasoul
202 radiographic changes of hypovitaminosis A in parrot and compare of that with other species Rahimzadeh,Rasoul;Nosratpour,Arsham;Mirzayi,Behzad;Ranjbar,Hamid
203 Reverse Saphenous Conduit Flap: A Case Report in a Cat with severe large metatarsophalangeal degloving injury Mazaheri-Khameneh,Ramin;Yousefi,Alireza;Ghanbari-Nehbandani,Hosein;Amini,Shahla;Mazhari,Sarah
204 Peripheral nerve regeneration using PRP and fetal mice brain stem cells in a vascular scaffold in canine Memarian,Parastoo;Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah
205 First report of Equine juvenile mandibular ossifying fibroma (EJMOF) in a filly treated with rostral mandibulectomy in Iran. Farshid ,Amir Abbas ;,;Mazaheri-Khameneh,Ramin;Azizi,Saeed;Hashemi-Asl,Mohammad
206 A Comparison Between Different Nerve Conduits in Rats: Sciatic Nerve Growth Within Dermis, Venous and Nerve Hosseinipolli,Aidin;Rajabi,Fateme;Mousavi,Seyed Jaber;,;,;Pedram,Mir Sepehr;Ghasemi,Setareh;Fatemi,Mohammad Javad ;Seyed Foroutan,Kamal;Kazemi Ashtiani,Abbas;Jafari Mansoori,Maryam;Vaghardoost,Reza
207 (Ovine mandibular fibroma molle (soft fibroma کمالي,سيد امير;Ghane,Mohsen;Ahmadi,Nasrollah;Jalili,Maryam
208 Resorption Rate of Block and Fascial-Wrapped Diced Cartilage Grafts in Rabbits: An Experimental Study Fatemi,Mohammad Javad;Hasani,Mohammad Esmaeel;Rahimian,Shahram;Bateni,Hamid;Mousavi,Seyed Jaber;Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed;Pedram,Mir Sepehr;Ebrahimi,Roja
209 Patent urachus with omphalophlebitis and omphaloarteritis in buffalo calf and its successful surgical rectification Muhammad,Sayyed Aun
210 Bilateral distal femoral Salter Harris (Type 1) fracture repaired by Cross pin in a cat Heydari,Fahime ;سليماني سوادکوهي,حسام;Vesal,Naser;Nikahval,Behrouz;Ahrari Khafi,Mohammad Saeed;Sayahi,Emad
211 A retrospective study of prevalence, causes and management of canine and feline peritonitis قديريان,صفورا
212 A retrospective study of prevalence andtypes and of canine genital tumors قديريان,صفورا
213 The importance of anesthesia in geriatric dogs and cats انصاري مود,مانلي;مشهدي رفيعي,سيامک
214 Successful Report of Distal femoral Transverse fracture repair with Rush pin in a Mix Dog Esfandiari,Aidin
215 Evaluation of Low-Level Laser Therapy on Experimental Bone Defect Healing in Rat Bodaghi,Fardin;Mousavi,Ghafour;Mohajeri,Daryoush
216 Do we actually need to use local anesthetics during general anesthesia? Vesal,Nasser
217 Leg calve Perthes Disease treatment with Femoral Head and neck excision in two Terrier Dogs Nikahval,Behrooz;Ahrari khafi,Mohammad Saeed;سليماني سوادکوهي,حسام ;Azma,Fahime ;Gholipour,Hojjat
218 Nylon loop fixation of mandibular symphysis fracture in a cat Fakhry,Omid;Mirasi,Fayaz;Mousavipourgohar,Zahra;Ahmadioun,Touraj
219 Evaluation of gingival lifting technique with and without sub epidermal graft. Bazaei,Mohammad;Pourjam,Vahid
220 Comparison of the immunocastration conjugates based on GnRH linked to carrier molecules with surgical method in sheep منصوريان,مريم;Namavari,Mohammad mehdi;Seghatoleslam,Atefe;Hosseini,Mohmmah Hossein;Nikahval,Behrooz
221 Elongation and dental malocclusion in a Guinea pig: a case report Rostami,Amir;Saffarian,Zahra ;Tavakoli,Amir;Kheirollahi,Atieh;Rafat panah,Shaghayegh;,;,;,;Pedram,Mir sepehr
222 Normal left ventricular systolic time intervals in Baluchi sheep assessed by M-mode echocardiography Shojaeian,Solmaz
223 Clinical report of cleft palate repair in a dog Hoseini,Pantea;Pedram,Mir sepehr;Yahyayi,Artimes
224 Radiographic Anatomy of the Gall Bladder and Related ducts in Iranian Jebeer Sajjadian,Seyed Mohsen;Esmaili-Nejad,Mohammad-Reza;Razavi Ebrahimi,Parham
225 Comparing storage of single and double wrapped surgical package and cabinet within six weeks. Ronagh,Ali;Barakitabar,Salehe; Nadaf,Hadi
226 Clinical report of two unrelated tumor in a dog and its surgical intervention Farzad,Saeed;Saffarian,Zahra;Pedram,Mir sephr ;Molazem,Mohammad;Vali,Yasamin;Mahmoodi,Elena
227 MRI Description of SDFT and DDFT of Metatarsal region of the Pakestanian goat ناظم,محمد ناصر;توکلي,اميد;پور جعفرآبادي,فهيمه
228 Evaluation of total intraosseous anesthesia (TIOA) with propofol in rabbit Mazaheri-Khameneh,Ramin;Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei,Farshid;Asri-Rezaie,Siamak;Dalir-Naghadeh,Bahram
229 Valve replacement in sheep model: An experimental study ,
230 Comparison Histopathologic Evaluation of Celecoxib & Aloevera’s Effects on Repair of Gastric Surgery Causes Trauma in Rats Ahmadi kia,Milad;Jodeiri,Hossein
231 Radiographic Anatomy of Tarso-metatarsal and Digital Bones in Turkey Hassibi,Hadi;Sajjadian,Seyed Mohsen;Emaili-Nejad,Mohammad-Reza;Razavi Ebrahimi,Parham
232 En Bloc Ovariohysterectomy Following Dystocia Due to Superfetation in a Cat: A Clinical Report Davoudipoor,Somaye;Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed;Mahdigholi,Narges;Zehtabvar,Omid;Ebrahimi,Roja;Bakhtiari,Jalal;Rostami,Amir
233 Root Canal Therapy and Full Metal Inlay for Treatment of Dental Fracture in Dog, A Case Report Ghazanfari hashemi,Seyed sohail
234 Root Canal Therapy and Full Metal Inlay for Treatment of Dental Fracture in Dog, A Case Report Ghazanfari hashemi,Seyed sohail
235 Surgical treatment of a fractured plastron in a Spur-thighed tortoise (Testudo graeca) Farzad Mohajeri,Saeed;Yahyaee,Artimes;Hosein Boroujerdi,Mersede;Hoseini,Pantea;Pedram,Mir Sepehr;Tamimi,Naqa;Saljoughian,Mohammad Hosein;Davoudipour,Somaye
236 Determining of osteointegration rate and examination of epithelium in surface of implants with flapless technique in 5 groups of rats, with normal bone. Osteoporotic bone, osteoporotic bone treated by Ghazanfari hashemi,Seyed sohail
237 Determining of osteointegration rate and examination of epithelium in surface of implants with flapless technique in 5 groups of rats, with normal bone. Osteoporotic bone, osteoporotic bone treated by Ghazanfari hashemi,Seyed sohail
238 Comparison of total intravenous anesthesia with Propofol, Propofol/Dobutamine and Propofol/Epinephrine in rabbit ,
239 Echocardiographic evaluation of aortic valve placed in thoracic aorta of sheep model ,
240 A rare radiographic appearance of calcified uterine in a queen with pyometra Hayati,Farzad
241 Radiographic aspect of rickets in lamb: case report Hashemiasl,Seyedmohamad;Asri,Siamak;Mohseni,Mojtaba
242 Radiographic and Ultrasonographic findings of space-occupying masses in the bovine lungs Hashemiasl,Seyedmohamad;Alizadeh,Sajad
243 Comparison of recovery quality and duration of Xylazine-Diazepam and Detomidine-Midazolam preanesthesia in horses. Alipour,Faezeh;Ghasemi,Samaneh;Sardari,Kamran;Mohammadnia,Ahmadreza
244 Lameness and comfort in dairy cows: A preliminary study on any possible correlation. Rezaee,Massoud;Jafarzade,Minoo;Mohammaddust,Mojtaba;Azizzade,Mohammad;Mohamadnia,Ahmad Reza
245 Encapsulating Mg-ATP in vesicles and applying to enhance burn wound healing in rat Hayati,Farzad;,;,
246 Evaluation of hoof lesions resulted in lameness on culling rate in dairy cows in Shahrekord area Azizzadeh,Mohammad;Mohammadi,Fahimeh;Mohamadnia,Ahmad Reza
247 Study of Hoof Lesions can lead to Lameness Charolias Cow Breed in a Livestock in the Azerbaijan Valiei,Kambiz;Beheshti,Rahim
248 Surgical Correction of Pressure-induced Fibrosis due to the Foreign Body in the Neck of a Dog Valiei,Kambiz;Beheshti,Rahim
249 Acute intestinal obstruction due to jejunal hemorrhage in dairy cattle Dehghani Nazhvani,Seifollah ;Kheibari,Parviz;Hajimohammadi,Ali
250 Stress of Transport in Capoeta damascina valenciennes with benzocaine hydrocholoride: Anaesthesia and Recovery Nematollahi,Amin;Bigham Sadegh,Amin ;Assadolah,Saeid ;Kabiri,Jamshid
251 Anaesthesia and recovery in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) fingerlings using metomidate Nematollahi,Amin;Nafian,Iman ;Akbarian,Ava;Khosravi,Yadollah
252 A clinical report of severe root elongation in a rabbit Ahrari Khafi,Mohammad Saeed;Shojaee Tabrizi,Aidin
253 Concurrent bilateral traumatic orchitis and unilateral inguinal hernia in a stallion Salaran,Masoud; Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid ; Savadkuhi,Hessam;Mogheiseh,Asghar
254 A radiographic study of the skeleton of the Indian gray mongoose and its comparison with dog and cat Ahrari Khafi,Mohammad Saeed;Azizi,Nezamaddin;Derakhshandeh,Nooshin
255 Radiographic evaluation of bone and cortex diameters in live and post-mortem metacarpus and metatarsus in mature and immature cattle Zarrinkamar,Mohsen;Meimandi Parizi,Abdolhamid;Raayat Jahromi,Alireza;Derakhshandeh,Nooshin
256 The evaluation of the healing potential of Cuscuta epythymum essential oil and water soluble extract on experimental skin wounds Oloumi,Mohammad mehdi;Derakhshanfar,Amin;Hassibi,Hadi
257 A Case Report of Mandibular Fracture Stabilization Using Modified Wire Technique in a Calf Ghanbari-Nehbandani,Hosein;Shabrandi,Ako;Mazaheri-Khameneh,Ramin
258 Oxidative Stress Markers Change Following General Anesthesia in Cats Doozandeh,Mona;,
259 Surgical repair of radial salter hariss type III in a horse Khojasteh,Keyvan
260 Radial Meromelia and Ulnar Polydactyly Associated with Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy in a Giant Breed Dog under 1 Year Old. Soltanian,Alale
261 Claw lesions following FMD in a dairy herd Khaghani borujeni,Amin;Aghajari,Zeinab;Mohamadnia,Ahmadreza
262 Surgical repair of an esophageal laceration in a breeder ostrich (Struthio Camelus) Aghasizadeh,Mohammad Javad;Rezaee,Massoud;Jafarzade,Minoo;Kafi,Reza
263 Epidemiologocal study of lameness incidence in a dairy haerd in Isfahan Farajnejhad,Amirhosein;Khalilifard,Shima
264 Epidemiologocal study of lameness incidence in a dairy haerd in Isfahan ,;Khalilifard,Shima;Farajnejhad,Amirhosein