لیست مقالات 6th International Conference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering

نمایش # عنوان نویسنده
0 MetaSPD: Metamorphic Analysis for Automatic Software Piracy Detection Khalilian,Alireza;Golbaghi,Hadi;Nourazar,Amir;Haghighi,Hassan;Vahidi-asl,Mojtaba
1 Persian Offline Signature Verification Based on Curvature and Gradient Histograms Soleimani bajestani,Amir;Fouladi,Kazim;N araabi,Babak
2 Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors Based on Multi-Objective Feature Selection Using NSGA-II Arjmand monfared,Amir-hossein;Sargolzaei,Nader
3 Using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for common lecturers timetabling among departments Babaei,Hamed;Karimpour,Jaber;Oroji,Hassan
4 A Model for Evaluating Trust between Users in Social Neworks Based on Subjective Logic Zohreie,Mahdi;Shakeri,Hassan
5 A Fuzzy Decision Tree Approach for Imbalanced Data Classification Sardari,Sahar;Eftekhari,Mahdi
6 Towards a Tracing Framework for Model-Driven Software Systems Hojaji,Fazilat;Zamani,Bahman;Hamou lhadj ,Abdelwahab
7 Feature weighting for cancer tumor detection in mammography images using gravitational search algorithm Shirazi,Fatemeh;Rashedi,Esmat
8 Bidirectional Model Transformation Approaches A Comparative Study Samimi-dehkordi,Leila;Zamani,Bahman;Kolahdouz-rahimi,Shekoufeh
9 A New Method for Classification of POLSAR Images Aghaei,Nastaran;Akbarizadeh ,Gholamreza
10 Network Security Risk Analysis Using Attacker’s Behavioral Parameters Ketabdar,Hoora;Rezaee,Razieh;Ghaemibafghi,Abbas;Khosravifarmad ,Masoud
11 Investigating and Evaluating Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks Manouchehri,Mehrdad
12 A New Method to Improve Classification Accuracy of Fused RADAR and Optical Data Karimi,Danya;Rangzan,Kazem;Akbarizadeh,Gholamreza;Kabolizadeh,Mostafa
13 Implementation of Artificial Features in Improvement of Biometrics Based PPG Panahi moghadam,Shima;Rashidi,Saeid
14 Big Data Roadmaps for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Shokri,Reza;Osman ünalir,Murat
15 Multi-Objective Mobile Robot Path Planning Based on A* Search Jeddisaravi,Kossar;Javanmard alitappeh,Reza;Gadelha guimaraes,Frederico
16 Modular-based Measuring Semantic Quality of Ontology Ardakani movaghati,Mina;Abdollahzadeh barforoush,Ahmad
17 Monotonic filter for hierarchical translation models Salami,Shahram;Shamsfard,Mehrnoush
18 Wavelet Based Single Trial Event Related Potential Extraction in Very Low SNR Conditions Mortaheb,Sepehr;Rostami,Farzad ;Shahin,Safoura;Amirfattahi,Rassoul
19 Automatic Recognition of white blood cells using Weighted Two Phase Test Sample Sparse Representation Khoshdel,Alireza;Talebi,Hamed ;Davoudi,Alireza;Mohammadi,Afshin;Menhaj,Mohammad bagher ;Ghorbani,Mahdi
20 Intelligent Active Force Control of a Helicopter Seat Suspension using Iterative Learning Algorithm Ahmadi,Samaneh;Gohari,Mohammad ;Tahmasebi,Mona
21 Improving Person Recognition by Weight Adaptation of Soft Biometrics Gharghabi,Shaghayegh;Azari,Bita;Shamshirdar,Faraz;Safabakhsh,Reza
22 Data center Task Scheduling Through Biogeography-Based Optimization Model With the Aim of Reducing Makespan Abbasi,Ali;Khayyambashi,Mohmmad reza;Khosravi-farsani,Hadi
23 Research on A Location-based Task Assignment for Mobile Sensing Wang,Xiulan;Wang,Shiyan
24 Multi-objective Estimation of Distribution algorithm based on Voronoi and Local search Mohagheghi,Elham;Akbarzadeh totonchi,Mohammadreza
25 Face recognition based on modified discriminant independent component analysis Mollaee,Maryam;Moattar,Mohammad hossein
26 Distributed Weighted Averaging-Based Robust Cubature Kalman Filter for State Estimation of Nonlinear Systems in Sensor Networks Safarinejadian,Behrouz;Mohammadnia,Foroogh
27 HFIaaS: a proposed FPGA IaaS framework using HLS Asghari,Mohsen
28 A New Approach In Single Image Super Resolution Sarmadi,Saeideh;Shamsa,Zari
29 An Energy Efficient Metaheuristic Method for Micro Robots Indoor Area Coverage Problem Saeedvand,Saeed;S. aghdasi,Hadi
30 Multi-level Intrusion detection system in cloud environment based on trust level Salek shahrezai,Zahra;Mousavi madani,Fariborz
31 Parallelization of a Color DCT Watermarking Algorithm using a CUDA-based Approach Ahmadi mohammadabadi,Alireza;Chalechale,Abdolah
32 Antenna Selection: A Novel Approach to Improve Energy Efficiency in Massive MIMO Systems Arash,Masoud;Yazdian,Ehsan;Fazel,Mohammadsadegh
33 Cool Elevator: A Thermal-Aware Routing Algorithm for Partially Connected 3D NoCs Taheri,Ebadollah;Patooghy,Ahmad;Mohammadi,Karim
34 A New Anonymous Unlinkable Mobile Payment Protocol Zamanian,Farahnaz;Mala,Hamid
35 Quality of Claim Metrics in Social Sensing Systems: A case study on IranDeal Taghizadeh naderi,Pooria;Tabatabaee malazi,Hadi;Ghassemian,Mona;Haddadi,Hamed
36 Classification of Iranian Paintings Using Texture Analysis Keshvari,Sanaz;Chalechale,Abdolah
37 Robust Crowdsourcing-based Linear Regression Abbaasi,Saeid;Shams davodly,Ehsan;Mohammadi,Majid
38 Towards an Spiking Deep Belief Network for Face Recognition Application Fatahi,Mazdak;Ahmadi,Mahmood;Ahmadi,Arash;Shahsavari,Mahyar;Devienne,Philippe
39 Improving the Stateful Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems Shahpasand,Raheleh;Sedaghat,Yasser;Paydar,Samad
40 Anomaly and tampering detection of cameras by providing details Hosseini,Sayyed mohammad;Taherinia,Amir hossein
41 A Centralized Reinforcement Learning Method for Multi-agent Job Scheduling in Grid Moradi vastegani,Milad
42 A Replication Dilemma Game for Cooperative Data Replication in Ad Hoc Networks Tajali,Alireza;Sedigh,Navid;Hoseini seno,Seyed amin
43 Detection of Hypernasality from Speech Signal Using Group Delay and Wavelet Transform Mirzaei,Atefeh;Vali,Mansour
44 Accurate Automatic Localisation of Lung Nodules using Graph Cut and Snakes Algorithms Mirderikvand,Negar;Naderan,Marjan;Jamshidnezhad,Amir
45 A Combined SVM and Markov Model approach for Splice Site Identification Pashaei,Elham;Yilmaz,Alper;Aydin,Nizamettin
46 TI-QSSVM: Two Independent Quarter Sphere Support Vector Machine for binary classification Nejati,Mehdi;Rezvani-khorashadizadeh,Ramin;Sayah-mofazalli,Ramin
47 Hierarchical Cooperation of Experts in Leaning from Crowds Esmaeily,Mahla;Abbaasi,Saeid;Sadoghi yazdi,Hadi;Monsefi,Reza
48 A Dynamic Special-Purpose Scheduler for Scheduling Concurrent Kernels on GPU Mohammadi,Rasoul;Shekofteh,Kazem;Naghibzadeh,Mahmoud;Noori,Hamid
49 A Threat Risk Estimation Model for Computer Network Security Rezaee,Razieh;Ghaemi bafghi,Abbas;Khosravi-farmad,Masoud
50 Automatic Graph-Based Method for Classification of Retinal Vascular Bifurcations and Crossovers Ghanaei,Zahra;Pourreza,Hamidreza;Banaee,Tooka
51 Weighted Semi-Supervised Manifold Clustering via sparse representation Abedi,Amir;Monsefi,Reza;Zabih zadeh,Davood
52 Design and implementation of a new algorithm to count white blood cells using machine vision system Khandan khadem alreza,Zahra;Karimian,Alireza
53 PPRA: A new pre-fetching and prediction based replication algorithm in data grid Toroghi,Abolfazl;Beigrezai,Mahsa;Meybodi,Mohamad reza;Runiassy,Maryam
54 An improved density peaks method for data clustering Seydi,Seyed amjad;Lotfi,Abdulrahman ;Moradi,Parham
55 ‎‎ASIP ‎Design‎ for Two Dimensional Cordic based DFT and DCT ‎Algorithms Pivezhandi,Mohammad;Eshghi,Mohammad
56 Modeling SIP Normal Traffic to Detect and Prevent SIP-VoIP Flooding Attacks Using Fuzzy Logic Hosseinpour,Mahsa;Yaghmaee moghaddam,Mohammad hossein ;Hosseini seno,Seyed amin ;Khosravi roshkhari,Hossein
57 Training LDCRF model on unsegmented sequences using Connectionist Temporal Classification Ahooye atashin,Amir;Ghiasi-shirazi,Kamaledin;Harati,Ahad
58 A Survey on Participant Recruitment in Crowdsensing Systems Amintoosi,Haleh;Davari,Milad